How to play without lagging problem is one of the most popular browser-based games now. Many people wants to play this game but they encountered with lagging problem even if they play it on a high-end PC.


There are some workarounds on the internet such as clear browser cache or history but those methods didn’t seem works for me. But recently I’ve found a solution that can be solved this problem 100% (for me). Cause of lagging problem aren’t from PC or browser but come from slow-speed internet connection. So I tries to solve this problem by searching for a server with has low-latency (minimum ping).

List of tools we have to prepared

  • Google Chrome Browser – I choose Chrome because its has extension.
  • SlitherPlus – For choosing the best server.
  • ping check – A script that I wrote to check latency of servers.


  1. Install SlitherPlus in Google Chrome
    Just go to Chrome extension page and install it.

    After installed, home page of will be modified so you can choose your preferred server.
  2. Find the best server by using ping check
    Click “Start” and wait for the result. I recommend to choose a server that have latency less than 100 ms
    Slither no lag - server listCopy IP address of selected server 
  3. Click “Connect to IP” button on the right-hand side. Paste IP in the box  and click “OK”.
  4. If you still feel lag, try decrease Graphic Quality.

Actually, the SlitherPlus has many configuration options but this article shows you only for speed improvement. Be happy with slither 🙂

Noted: This article is just a quick translation of the original article



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